Threats and Scams

Threats come in a variety of forms, some being relatively inocuous, more a nuisance than a danger, whilst others may pose a very serious threat in financial terms or may even pose a threat of violence against the person.  On this page, we try to draw attention to the type of threat to watch out for and give some examples.

A scam is a scheme to "con" someone out of their cash.  Many scams take the form of bogus and fraudulent offers sent by post, telephone or e-mail. The Office of Fair Trading reports that, every year, three million people fall victim to scams, losing an average of £850 each.  Fake lottery and prize draw wins, bogus psychic predictions, get-rich-quick investment cons and 'miracle' health cures are just some of the tricks scammers try.  There have been many telephone scams.  Sometimes they are obvious, or "too good to be true" but that is not always the case. Click here for more details


For all Police non-emergency calls dial 101

For emergency calls dial 999

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