Bromley Neighbourhood Watch Association exists to provide services to Neighbourhood Watch in the Borough of Bromley

a. To be a symbol of and central focus for promotion of Neighbourhood Watch (NW) philosophy - that community safety is the responsibility of everyone.

b. A reservoir of expertise and experience about how Neighbourhood Watch works to help with the launch of new Watches; expansion of NW into new areas such as young people, local traders, public transport passengers, etc; reinvigoration of old watches; advice to coordinators, police and others on Best Practice; drawing up guidelines and codes of practice; resolving disputes, etc.


c. Making sure coordinators do not feel isolated and abandoned but fully appreciated and supported.


d. A unique database of coordinators, a large number of which are on email, offering the capacity to reach widely into the entire community with information, advice, requests for assistance etc, with regular newsletters and bulletins and one-off information when appropriate with assurance that data is properly protected and the database is properly run to professional standards.

e. Possibility of the BNWA database being employed by other users under agreed terms and subject to Data Protection requirements.

f. An Executive to represent the needs and concerns of NW members in Bromley to other bodies and agencies, including the Safer Bromley Partnership, teh Safer Neighbourhood Board, Bromley Council’s Public Protection & Safety Policy Development & Scrutiny Committee, etc, and to the wider public through the media including the promotion of the NW message.

g. A borough-wide structure that can encourage, oversee and coordinate growth of NW through liaison with Safer Neighbourhoods Panels and Teams, including training for coordinators and others on a Ward-wide, Cluster-wide or Borough-wide basis.  The encouragement of coordinators to join Panels, as appropriate, and enable each Panel/Team to have designated members with a specific interest in NW in that Ward or Wards.  Provide assistance to such designated members as needed.

h. Through its status as a Registered Charity, a guarantee to members that NW is independent of the Public Sector and not controlled by the Police, Bromley Council or any other agency of national or local government but is firmly situated in civil society with its own autonomy


Conduct of Business:

Bromley Neighbourhood Watch Association conducts its business through an Executive Committee which meets several times a year and holds a formal Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year.  Additionally, much of its business is conducted via email exchanges and by meetings of sub-groups formed to handle particular issue.


Click here for the Constitution of Bromley Neighbourhood Watch Association


For all Police non-emergency calls dial 101

For emergency calls dial 999

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